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Female Pug

Meet our adorable female Pug, a pint-sized bundle of personality seeking her forever home. With her expressive eyes and charming curly tail, she effortlessly captures hearts wherever she goes. Her playful nature and cheerful disposition make her an instant source of joy and laughter. Whether she's engaging in energetic zoomies or snuggling up for a cozy nap, she radiates warmth and affection. This charismatic Pug is eagerly awaiting a loving family who will appreciate her delightful antics and provide her with the love and care she deserves. Come meet this lovable companion and experience the boundless happiness she brings!

Female Pug

  • Our puppies have a one-year guarantee against hip dysplasia, heart murmurs, and skeletal abnormalities. Buyer must inform WoofHouse of any of the following conditions within three days of diagnosis from a licensed veterinarian. At this point, we will replace or provide the buyer with a full credit towards another available puppy of buyer's choice

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