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Meet the Fur-Dad's

Meet our handsome four-legged patriarchs. They are all health tested, well-loved, and come completely vaccinated. Learn more about their age, pedigree, character, health profile, and more below.

All males are available as studs with a fee of $500 each.


Captain is always as enthusiastic as ever. He's 4 years old. He loves meeting new people and playing around with other dogs. Captain is an active, healthy dog. He's AKC registered.


Napoleon is the sweetest. He loves taking his usual naps and does amazingly around other dogs and children. Napoleon is a calm, healthy dog. He's AKC registered.


Chuck is a very active and playful male pug. He's 3 years old and loves jumping and fooling around with the other dogs. He does great around children as well. Chuck is an energetic, healthy dog. He's AKC registered.


Riley does great around other dogs and children. He's 3 years old. Riley is an energetic, healthy dog and AKC registered. Riley loves cuddling, is very sweet, and has an amazing personality overall!


Author is the sweetest. He's AKC registered and is retired. He does great around other dogs and children. He's 3 years old.


Puggie, the one-year-old male Pug with AKC credentials, boasts a charming and spirited personality that's hard to resist. With his expressive wrinkled face and distinctive curled tail, he's a true bundle of joy. Puggie is known for his playful and mischievous nature, always ready to engage in fun and games. Despite his small stature, he's confident and self-assured, making friends with everyone he meets. Puggie's loyal and affectionate disposition ensures that he's not just a canine companion but a beloved member of the family, bringing endless laughter and warmth to those lucky enough to share their lives with him.


Domi is a gentle giant. He's 3 years old, brindle, and the absolute sweetest. He gets along with other dogs and children. Domi is a peaceful, healthy dog. He's also AKC registered.


Batman is charming and CKC registered. He loves the outdoors and does great around children and other dogs. Batman is 5 years old.


Beethoven, the male Boston Terrier, is a charismatic and spirited companion. With his AKC and CKC registration, he showcases his exceptional lineage and breed standards. At a year and a half old, he exudes a playful and energetic nature, always ready for adventures and activities. 


Meet Bob, our one-year-old male Shih Tzu. Bob is a delightful bundle of energy and affection. His personality is as charming as his fluffy coat. He's playful, friendly, and loves to be the center of attention. Bob is CKC registered.

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